If you are running a business and want people know about your services, digital marketing and SEO is the most affordable and productive solution. Here are some most-effective search engine optimisation (SEO) tips for small businesses in Australia, so you can leverage its benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Designing, optimizing, and maintaining a website for it to rank well in search results.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to influence customers and raise brand awareness.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Paid search engine results in pages advertising, such as the sponsored listings that appear above and to the right of Google’s search results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): All of the above activities are included in this broader field.

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This isn’t so much to attract users to click through from those sites as it is to offer your website more legitimacy in Google’s eyes by having this link. The better, the higher the quality of the site that links to yours. We frequently develop a detailed list of sites for clients to obtain listings/links on, or other clients prefer that we obtain the links for them. However, here are a few suggestions to get you started: Local directories (, South Coast Local), business directories (True Local, Hotfrog), social media sites (Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube), industry directories (Stability, TripAdvisor, XYZ Association), local directories (, South Coast Local), local blogs, industry blogs, websites of complementary businesses/suppliers/colleagues, friends and family websites… The list goes on and on.


On the other side of Tip #1, avoid obtaining a link to your website from any other site that appears to be suspect, as this can harm your results. These are the types of sites that some SEO ‘experts’ may gain links for you – be aware if they appear shady and make outrageous claims! Watch out for shoddy, ‘cheap-looking’ design, a slew of connections, and illogically written content. These two images demonstrate the type of thing to be wary of. An example of a shady website on which you should avoid placing a link. Take note of the illogical titles and content, as well as the links, which are strewn throughout the text.


Keywords are the words or phrases that consumers use to find products or services similar to yours when using a search engine. For this, SEOs employ Google Adwords tools, however, they aren’t user-friendly for most individuals. So either hires a pro (it might take as little as an hour for them to conduct keyword research and compile a report for you) or conduct an informal survey of your friends, family, and clients to learn what phrases they would look for. Sprinkle these ‘keywords’ throughout your website in appropriate places… There will be more on this soon!


Once you’ve decided on your keywords (Tip #3), make sure each one has its page on your website. If you manage a cafe that also creates birthday cakes, for example, your keywords might be ‘cafe/s in berry’ and ‘birthday cakes berry.’ One page would be dedicated to the cafe, while another would be dedicated to the birthday cake service. The keyword should be included in the primary headline of each page – for example, ‘Homemade and decorated birthday cakes in Berry’ – and it should be stated again in the written content on the page.


This means that you should not duplicate written information from another website; instead, compose it in your terms. Also, avoid duplicating material across several sections of your website. This is something Google dislikes because it implies that the site doesn’t have anything unique or valuable to offer visitors, or that it could even be a spam site. This is a particularly difficult task for online retailers, who may have hundreds of product pages for which they must create original content. It’s tempting to rely just on manufacturer descriptions, but many other sellers will do so as well. It’s also quite tempting to utilize similar descriptions for each product, tweaking them slightly. Make an effort to write unique material for each page.

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There’s a lot more to SEO than the ten tips above, but we hope they provide best SEO for small businesses in Australia with some ideas for things they can do on their own or ask their web designer or an SEO professional to perform for them. These guidelines automatically simplify the vast quantity of knowledge accessible on SEO to be simple to understand. Best of luck! In the comments, please let us know if you have any queries.

How Can an Australian SEO Company Generate Leads for a B2B Company?

When SEO isn’t working, your B2B marketing plan could struggle to produce leads. The B2B SEO solution is just what you need to see results – more organic traffic and leads from your website.
Because we build a B2B SEO plan that provides results, Knowbility Solutions is regarded as Australia’s top digital marketing agency. This is how it goes.

1# Identifying the Correct Personas – Who Starts the Buying Process?
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Any marketing plan is built on the foundation of audience personas. There is no audience to target if there are no identities, and the chances of success are slim. Who is the person who will start the purchasing process for your goods or services? What will he look for? What kind of stuff does he is consuming and considering? Where does he get it? How will the product be used in the end?
Our professionals at Knowbility Solutions start by looking for solutions to these questions. It assists us in identifying the proper audience to target, as well as the most regularly used search queries and content categories, as well as the main markets to focus on.

2# Finding the Best Keywords – During the purchasing process, who looks for what?
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More than one person may be engaged in the purchase of the item you’re selling. Everyone has a specific job to perform, and they utilize search queries to learn more about your products or services before making a purchase.
Finding the correct long-tail keywords with a clear aim is the goal of keyword research. Furthermore, we target terms with a high search volume, as these have a better chance of ranking high on the SERP.
Our analysts also evaluate the keywords that your competitors are ranking for when putting together a final list of premium keywords for your industry.

3# Keyword Mapping – Grouping Search Queries Along the Buying Process
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The main purpose of a B2B SEO content strategy is to generate business leads. When various personas search for information, your webpages, blogs, and other content should display for the desired keywords.
They may be looking for:

Informational – the person is interested in learning more about your product or service.
Commercial Investigation – the person has progressed in the purchasing cycle and is comparing your products or services to other possibilities before making a final selection.
Transactional – the person is ready to make a final decision, such as whether or not to purchase the item.
The three steps of a purchase funnel are awareness, deliberation, and conversion. Our SEO experts use keywords to map the online purchase funnel based on the search intent.

Awareness – Keywords that provide useful information
Consideration – Keywords for commercial investigation
Transactional keywords – Conversion
As the top digital marketing agency, we focus on what will benefit your company the most.

4# B2B Content Strategy: Creating Content That Satisfies the Search Intent
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It’s now time to develop material that the personas you’ve chosen prefer to read. Product and service pages, website blogs, and other downloadable materials are among the content kinds created by our skilled writers.
With well-researched content that includes essential data and figures, a complete content strategy ensures that product pages may satisfy the intent of the individual. Our professionals at Knowbility Solutions produce material with optimized titles. We also optimize product and service websites that persuade people to take the desired action – such as a free demo or trial.
Case studies, videos, e-books, presentations, white papers, expert guides, and newsletter signups are some of the primary content formats we focus on.

5# Increasing Content Visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) – Ongoing Link Building
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Even the best-written content is pointless if it does not make an impression on Google’s first page of results. Relevant audience personas searching for targeted keywords must see your product and service pages, blogs, and other material.
Our SEO outreach professionals build backlinks using tried-and-true methods like guest posting, free downloads, and content creation on respected websites in your field.

6# On-Page and Technical Optimisation for search-friendly Website Pages
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Google and other search engines are also concerned with providing their consumers with the greatest possible experience. They also offer some tips on how to make web pages more optimized. In addition, we will list you on Google and other relevant sites for you to rank well in local searches.
We optimize your website using search engine standards at Knowbility Solutions. It entails optimizing the page’s content, tags, photos, and page speed, among other things. We also improve the technical features of your website so that it loads rapidly in response to a certain search engine term.

7# Obtaining Results and Improving Performance
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It takes time for a B2B SEO strategy to yield results. It differs from sponsored advertising, which produces immediate effects. Instead, after we’ve optimized the website, Google will crawl, index, and rank it again. Because it takes time, the benefits normally take 3-6 months to appear.
The results, however, are long-lasting once the website ranks for the targeted keywords. Our professionals are constantly working to improve the website and give regular updates.

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Because we use a laser-like approach to SEO, we are regarded as Australia’s top SEO firm. Our B2B SEO tactics have been proved to work, and your website will appear high in search results on Google and other search engines.
But it doesn’t end there! We can supplement your brand’s social media presence and employ paid advertising to produce speedy results as a full- SEO and digital marketing agency.
Still, have questions about how B2B SEO works to get results?
Talk to our SEO consultants now @ +61396265420

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Canada

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing It is the process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engine results pages. If you have a Canadian website, make sure your marketing efforts are focused on optimizing for Canadian searches rather than US searches. Websites in the United States and Canada can both benefit from SEO, but the focus is different. Canada is a large country with a diverse range of regions and cities. The economy, culture, and dialects vary widely across the country, but one constant is the prominence of search engines like Google and Bing. SEO in Canada is crucial not only for Canadian enterprises but also for foreign organizations looking to target the country’s market. We’ll look at what it takes to be successful in Canada if you want to market your business on local search engines in this article.

Why Should Canadian Businesses Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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Canada is one of the top search markets in the world, according to Search Engine Watch. This means that any Canadian company with a website should devote significant resources to search engine optimization and content marketing. The good news is that Canadian firms may rank on Google’s first page without investing a lot of money. Canada is a country rich in technological advancements as well as economic, social, and cultural prospects. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, is something that Canada lacks in plenty. Because their websites are not rated highly enough by search engines like Google, Canadian firms are missing out on opportunities to get clients from the US market.

What Makes a Good SEO Strategy?

Many firms overlook SEO while planning their marketing strategy, and this is something you should avoid. If you don’t do it correctly, you won’t be able to sell your company effectively. Learning the fundamentals of SEO is one approach to ensure you receive what you’re searching for. Here are three things that will help you succeed in SEO: The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to establish a site with a large volume of visitors, similar to knowbility Solutions from Canada. However, to be effective in SEO, you’ll need a well-thought-out keyword plan.

How to Improve Your Website Using SEO?

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The gaming, demographic, and economic developments of Canada are all unique. It’s critical to identify these patterns to use SEO to optimize your website and gain an advantage over your competition. The importance of SEO in today’s marketing strategy cannot be overstated. It not only aids in gaining more business, but it also aids in increasing a company’s internet presence. Over the last few years, the value of SEO in Canada has skyrocketed. As a result, businesses are increasing their investments in website optimization. Many people, however, still don’t comprehend the theory behind what it takes to succeed in SEO. Only 2% of firms employ tracking tools like Google Analytics to monitor and optimize their website’s performance.

Why Hire a Copywriting Firm?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important component of any company’s digital marketing strategy. Companies that do not use it risk being left behind in the market. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy for SEO, so businesses must find a firm that can tailor its efforts to their requirements. SEO copywriting businesses are an important component of the marketing equation in the search engine optimization industry, which is rapidly developing. When considering hiring an SEO expert, the most critical factor to consider is their level of experience. Always pick an SEO expert from a reputable firm that understands what they’re doing.


The article highlights the importance of SEO in Canada as well as how it may help your company. It is a critical aspect for any business owner who wishes to see their firm prosper in Canada. There are numerous advantages to having a solid SEO strategy. It can help you rank higher in search engines and provide you with a competitive advantage over other firms by increasing your brand’s visibility and recognition. Even though SEO has been around for a long, its importance continues to expand. Nowadays, businesses are looking to SEO as a strategy to gain more clients, and to thrive, these firms must be on top of their game. With the arrival of multi-channel marketing, SEO has become an essential component of any company’s marketing plan. To adapt and gain market share, it’s critical to keep up with the ever-changing social media scene.

50 Facts and Figure about Digital Marketing in 2022

Take a look at Knowbility Solutions compilation of the most intriguing and informative internet marketing statistics. Our comprehensive collection of 50 digital marketing metrics will give you a holistic view of online marketing in 2022, from SEO to PPC, SEM, email marketing, and everything in between.

If you want to be successful in the realm of online marketing, you must realize that nothing is ever exactly where you left it. Because digital marketing is such a dynamic sector, the technology, trends, and insights that drive it are always changing.

To make things as simple as possible, we’ve divided the list into the most important aspects of web marketing to be aware of. There is something in this for everyone, whether you are an intermediate marketer, a rookie, or a digital marketing specialist.

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

 2. Content Marketing

 3. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

 4. Social Media

 5. Pay Per Click and SEM

 6. Technology Driven Marketing

 7. Email Marketing

 8. Video Marketing

SEO Statistics

1. The most widely used search engine is Google.

Google will account for more than 92% of total search engine traffic by 2022, across desktop, smartphone, and tablet platforms. The rest of the search engine traffic is made up of Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, AOL, and smaller competitors like DuckDuckGo.

2. Google searches with four words or less account for half of all searches.

Long-tail keywords, which are search terms that contain four or more words, account for more than half of all Google searches. These keywords also convert at a higher rate than their shorter equivalents, according to the most recent digital marketing data.

3. Keeping existing content up to date can boost organic traffic by 437%.

Update old, existing website material with fresh information, according to a test conducted by Knowbility Solutions in 2022, can boost the volume of web visits by more than four times. The study found that simply altering the page title increased page visits by 107% when compared to pages that were not altered.

4. If you’re not on Google’s first page, you have a 1% chance of getting a click.

Websites on page 2 and up receive less than 0.83% of total organic website clicks, which is a staggering amount. This statistic emphasizes the critical importance of being on the first page of Google for important keywords. If you want to keep a secret, put it on page two of Google, as the adage goes.

5. Link building is the most difficult component of SEO, according to 65% of SEOs.

Most SEOs admit that local SEO is the most challenging component of search engine optimization since there are so many regulations to follow and a high price to pay if you get it wrong. Google’s ability to detect artificial link patterns is continually improving, which means that marketers must use safe, white-hat link-building tactics that adhere to Google’s webmaster standards.

6. 34% of SEO-investing organizations spend more than $1,000 each month on link building.

According to a recent industry study, more than a third of organizations will spend more than USD 1,000 per month on link development. This includes costs such as outreach, content creation, and other related expenses. In most situations, this task is completely outsourced to an SEO agency with the necessary in-house competencies.

7.46% of all queries have a specific location in mind.

Are you considering implementing a local SEO strategy? You aren’t the only one who thinks like this! Local SEO is the most in-demand service at Knowbility Solutions. With a local SEO plan, a growing number of small to medium-sized businesses are grabbing the chance to significantly enhance their organic search visibility.

8. Conversion occurs in 28% of searches with a local goal.

A stunning 28% of all online searches with a local search intent will result in a conversion, whether it’s a store visit or an online purchase. This single digital marketing statistic highlights the enormous benefit of a localized SEO strategy.

9. Searches for “near me” have increased by 130 %. YOY

The number of “Near Me” searches climbed by 130% between 2019 and 2022. When a user performs a near me search query, Google leverages location data, device data, and search history to give tailored, highly relevant results. In the last five years, the number of people using the “Near Me” suffix in a Google search has increased by more than 500%, and this trend is projected to continue as Google’s search algorithm becomes more advanced.

10. SEO, according to 61% of marketing professionals, is the key to success.

Search engine optimization, according to digital marketing experts, is the key to long-term business success. When it comes to incorporating search engine optimization into a successful digital marketing plan, scalability and longevity are two of the most critical considerations.

11. Longtail keywords provide a better click-through rate (CTR)

According to the most recent SEO statistics, long-tail keywords (4 or more phrases) have a 3-5% greater CTR in the SERPs than keywords with only one or two words. Websites that concentrate on highly relevant, longtail keywords are more likely to have a higher CTR than those that concentrate solely on short, high-volume keywords.

12. 70% of clicks in search engine results are organic, whereas 30% are paid.

When searching the major search engines, seven out of ten people will choose an organic result over a paid result. Organic results, on average, have a higher level of confidence than purchased results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant driving force behind all digital marketing activities.

13. Users who conducted a local search identified a store within 8 kilometres in 72% of cases (5 miles)

Local SEO is a powerful tool for attracting local, motivated customers to a physical site. According to the most recent statistics, 72% of users will find a retailer within five miles of where they made their search.

14. 56% of companies have yet to claim their free Google My Business listing.

More than half of all businesses have yet to claim their listing on Google My Business. This figure demonstrates the lack of knowledge and clarity about what it takes to own a Google My Business (GMB) listing.

15. 82% of businesses have yet to claim their free Bing Business Listing.

This statistic demonstrates that more than 8/10 firms have not bothered to register their Bing business listing, which is perhaps not as unexpected as the 56% of users who have not claimed their GMB listing. It may not come as a surprise, given that Bing accounts for less than 7% of all search engine traffic.

16. A whopping 81% of businesses who used SEO saw a positive result.

Are you on the fence about employing an SEO firm for your company? According to the most recent digital marketing data, more than eight out of 10 firms had a favourable result from their search engine optimization efforts.

Content Marketing Statistics

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17. Adding fresh photos and material to old content can boost traffic by more than 111 %.

Before you start developing new material, check to see if you’re getting the most out of what you already have. Adding new content and graphics to existing articles can increase your organic website traffic.

18. Length is important, at least in terms of SEO exposure.

In the organic Google search results, the typical page one ranking for a mid to high competitiveness search term is 1,890-words long. Backlinko’s astonishing number emphasizes the necessity of thoroughly covering information. Long-form material isn’t required to rank well on Google; but, websites that post it can (in general) explore a topic in greater depth.

19. Content marketing raises indexation rates by 434 % when done regularly.

When it comes to content marketing strategy, consistency is crucial. Websites that are updated regularly are favoured by search engines. According to the most recent digital marketing statistics, websites that upload and update material regularly should expect faster indexing by search engines, which means more interaction with internet users. Indexing might take anywhere from four days to six months, depending on the size of your website. In any event, consistent content marketing can boost overall website search visibility and speed up indexing.

20. Relevancy, according to 72% of marketers, is the key to successful content marketing.

It’s time to verify if this is relevant to your industry before you start writing about high-search topics. Publishing relevant content, according to 72% of marketers, is the cornerstone to a successful digital marketing plan.

21. Only over 40% of marketers publish content once a week.

Do you aspire to be the best in your field? Regular content marketing could help you gain industry awareness, enhance organic website traffic, and build trust among your target audience. According to the most recent content marketing statistics, less than 40% of marketers will publish material every week.

Statistics on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

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22. Customers trust a company with positive internet evaluations 73% of the time.

Do you want to increase the number of visitors who become customers? It all begins with faith. When it comes to making a reservation, purchasing an item, or scheduling a service, customers trust businesses with online evaluations more than 7 out of 10 times. You must have a review-building plan in place if you want to develop trust with potential customers.

23. Only 34% of companies use A/B testing on their website.

To get the most out of sponsored, social, and organic website traffic, you need to know who you’re talking to. Only one-third of websites conduct A/B tests while changing their websites, which is surprising. A/B testing is an effective technique to learn more about your customers and build worthwhile shopping experiences.

24. A web page’s average conversion rate is only 2.35%

Getting traffic is one thing; turning that traffic into paying clients is a very different story. Only 2.35 % of users who visit a web page convert, according to the most recent data from Wordstream.

25. Although mobile devices account for 60% of Google searches, they only account for 34% of conversions.

Users enjoy browsing on their mobile devices, but they are much less likely to convert from them. According to the most recent data from digital marketing, mobile devices account for more than half of all searches but only around a third of all conversions.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

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26. A Facebook Ad has a conversion rate of 9.21% on average.

The average conversion rate from a Facebook advertisement is 9.21%, according to Wordstream. The figures vary drastically by industry, with a 14.29% conversion rate in the fitness industry compared to a 2.31% conversion rate in the IT industry.

27. Facebook is the world’s third most popular website.

Facebook is the world’s third most frequented website, behind Google and YouTube, according to the most recent internet marketing statistics. According to Statista’s social media marketing statistics, Facebook receives an amazing 20 billion monthly visitors.

28. The average amount of time spent on social media per day is 145 minutes.

Do you need confirmation that your social media marketing ads are being seen by users? The average social media user spends more than two hours each day on social media sites, according to the most recent digital marketing statistics.

29. Facebook has a monthly user base of 2.701 billion people.

When it comes to social media marketing platforms, Facebook is the global leader. More than half of all worldwide social media users are members of the grand statesman of social media.

Pay Per Click and SEM Statistics

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30. Businesses who combine PPC and SEO report a 25% increase in clicks and a 27% increase in profitability.

Who says you can only spend money on one type of marketing? According to the most recent research, firms that use a multi-channel approach that includes SEM and SEO make 27%more money than those that use a single channel approach.

31. Since 2014, the use of adblocking software has increased from 15% to 30%.

On their favourite websites, users do not want to be overwhelmed with adverts. According to the most recent statistics, 30% of online users have Adblock extensions or software installed, which prohibits adverts from being displayed on the display network.

32. Search ads can boost brand recognition by up to 80%.

According to Google, online ads may help firms raise brand awareness by up to 80%. For businesses trying to raise brand or product awareness, search ads may be a powerful tool.

33. A text advertisement will be clicked by 49% of users.

Almost half of all consumers will click on a text advertisement in the search engine results pages, according to data from search engine land.

34. Only 43% of users can distinguish between organic and sponsored listings.

There’s no way around it: during the last few years, Google has purposefully inserted sponsored adverts within the organic ranks. Only about half of users can tell the difference between such a paid and an organically listing.

35. With $72 per click, the insurance industry has a high average CPC.

Do you want to increase the number of consumers for your insurance agency? You’d best have a lot of cash on hand. According to the most recent marketing data, insurance industry search phrases cost an average of $72 per click.

36. At 0.48 cents per click, the food and beverage business has the lowest average CPC.

The food and beverage industry has a low average click off.48c, owing to low customer lifetime value and conversion rates. In general, the more valuable a customer is to a company in the long run, the more competitive (and pricey) the PPC market becomes.

37. In 2022, the average search advertising ad expenditure per internet user is expected to reach $40.99.

According to Statista, the average search advertising spending per internet user in 2022 is expected to be $40.99.

38. In 2022, the United States will spend the most on advertising (US$77,226 million).

According to Statista, the United States will spend the most money on sponsored advertising in 2022, continuing prior year trends.

Technology Driven Marketing Statistics

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39. A location is included in 30% of Google searches made from a mobile device.

This figure should come as no surprise, but it emphasizes the significance of having a mobile-friendly website. Users conducting mobile searches are frequently in a ‘hunting’ phase, which implies they are looking for immediate, localized results.

40. A mobile device will be used by 92% of consumers to access the internet.

In 2022, more than 9 out of 10 people will use their mobile devices to access the internet. It should come as no surprise that, as mobile devices become the primary computing device for a growing number of people, the majority of them will use it as their primary online browser. Mobile internet access is now more accessible than ever before because of increased mobile speed, smarter mobile devices, and lower mobile internet access costs.

41. A website’s load time should not exceed 5 seconds.

According to the most recent data, speed counts when it comes to mobile load times. Sites that take more than 5 seconds to load will receive 70% fewer mobile sessions in 2022 than those that load in less than three seconds. According to Google, a one-second delay might result in a 20% decline in conversions. If there’s one thing you should pay attention to, it’s the speed of your website and the accessibility of your devices.

42. Before visiting a store, more than 30% of consumers will conduct a mobile search.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store that makes all of your sales in person; your internet presence is important. According to a recent study, nearly one-third of people will examine a company’s website before visiting the shop. This could be for a variety of reasons, including checking prices, trading hours, menu items, or inventories. Whatever the reason, your company must have a current web presence.

43. When they are in a store, 43% of users make an internet search.

According to recent statistics, about half of us will conduct a mobile search while in a store. Users will utilize their mobile devices to check prices, competition inventory, and seek out online purchases while visiting a physical location, giving them more options than ever before.

44. 69% of smartphone users believe they are more likely to buy from an online store that responds to their questions.

Do you have a FAQ list that needs to be updated? This is the data on technology-driven marketing that should motivate you to take action. A stunning 69% of users said they will buy from a store that answers their questions properly. To provide the maximum value to your potential customers, consider changing your online product pages, menu, or FAQ list.

45. Although mobile devices account for 66% of e-Commerce sessions, they account for less than 30% of conversions.

While two-thirds of shoppers will investigate a product online, the majority will make their final purchase on their desktop. This is due to longer purchasing contemplation times and a higher level of trust in desktop or laptop computers. This number is likely to alter in the coming years as more people complete transactions on their mobile devices as a result of enhanced mobile shopping experiences.

46. Voice and image searches will account for more than half of all search engine usage.

Voice search is becoming more common in organic search because of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Home. Users are increasingly using image searches to learn more about a certain image.

47. Before making a purchase, 88% of shoppers read online reviews.

Before making an online purchase, nearly 9 out of 10 shoppers read online reviews. Understanding previous customer experiences are essential to know what to expect from a company. Genuine, positive reviews from real customers are the social proof that prospective customers seek before making a purchase.

48. Users will avoid purchasing from a website with a bad mobile design 57% of the time.

Users have more options than ever before, which allows them to be pickier when it comes to who they purchase with. According to Google’s latest data, users who are unable to read or explore material effects on their mobile devices will abandon the web page.

49. Voice search is already used by 27% of Google users.

Voice search data reveal that each year, more and more people are utilizing it. According to the most recent data, more than a quarter of Google users will use voice search while completing a Google search. Webmasters and advertisers should be aware of this new trend and make sure their content and structured data are voice search ready.

50. In addition to English, voice search is now available in over 60 languages.

Voice search is currently available in more than sixty languages around the world, according to Wikipedia. As technology catches up with demand, voice search statistics are rapidly changing. With the voice recognition rollout, AI and voice recognition are still playing catch-up.

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Final Thoughts

It is critical to have a wide awareness of the online ecosystem whether you are investing in SEO, SEM, Social, or any other internet marketing channel for your digital marketing. The digital marketing statistics from Knowbility Solutions for 2022 are intended to help you piece together the digital world and understand how different marketing channels interact and influence one another.

You’ve come to the right place if you need assistance with search engine optimization. Knowbility Solutions is Australia’s fastest-growing SEO firm, dedicated to assisting small, medium, large, and enterprise companies in making better, more informed SEO marketing decisions. Request a free SEO consultation with an organic specialist today to learn more about how we can assist you.

SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs

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Best SEO service Provider in Australia – Knowbility Solutions

Knowbility Solutions is Australia’s best SEO business, providing world-class SEO services. And what makes us believe that? It’s because we’re proud owners of the Google Certified Partner badge. Obtaining this badge from Google necessitates thorough quality assurance tests and assurance that they will be maintained throughout. As a result, we promise that our SEO services will be the best among the best SEO companies in Australia.

Knowbility solutions - seo and digital marketing

It is critical for a firm that provides SEO services in Australia to keep track of the business and users for the brand. However, the majority of SEO agencies in Australia lack the necessary expertise and experience to conduct effective methods.

We used a market survey to deliver a personalized approach to each of our clients, which resulted in an increase in lead conversion and more visitors to the website.

Knowbility - SEO and Digital marketing services provider.

We keep up with the current version of the Google search engine algorithm as one of Australia’s leading SEO agencies. This helps your company’s website page rank higher in Google’s search results. We provide technical optimization, mobile optimization, content generation, load time tuning, and user experience optimization as one of Australia’s top SEO businesses.

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Ask anyone who has utilized the services of this SEO business in Australia for a reference of our quality assurance, and we are confident that you will receive fantastic feedback from our clientele. For the past many years, Knowbility Solutions, established SEO service in Australia, has optimized multiple websites. Our clients have faith in us because of the high quality of service we provide and the fact that they get the desired result as a consequence of our optimization. Knowbility Solutions is a well-known SEO firm in Australia, and our clients return because of the finest SEO agency in India’s high industry standards.

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SEO and Digital Marketin FAQs
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What Can SEO Service In Sydney Do For Your Business?

As a small business owner, you need a plan that will give you the upper hand in a competitive business environment. You may count on Sydney SEO services to take care of this for you.

You may reach a larger audience by personalizing your products, services, and marketing techniques to your consumers and online users. This is exactly what SEO accomplishes.

Apart from that, you must make the most of the few resources available to you for your small business to prosper. Examine what SEO services may do for you.

Marketing to Specific Audiences

You need to rethink your marketing strategy in a world when your average customer spends so much time online. The best part is that figuring out what your consumers and web users like has never been easier.

Knowbility - SEO services in Sydney

Your SEO service may gather all necessary internet marketing data about your target demographic, allowing your adverts to be more effective. When you’ve segmented your target market, you may create tactics for each section to help you optimize your efforts.

This is one of the services offered by Sydney SEO. You don’t have to be concerned about the type of company you manage. Any professional SEO expert will be adaptable enough to meet your requirements. Even if you’re new to this, you’ll get all the help you need.

Connecting With Your Local Networks

It’s easy to overlook the enormous possibilities of your local market scene. Even if you’re primarily focused on creating your brand among a larger audience, your local networks can provide a lot of value.

Is your company well-known in your neighbourhood? If not, you’re in desperate need of Sydney SEO services. Before moving on to a larger scene, building your local networks is like establishing your foundation. As a result, your networks will continue to expand in tandem with your company.

Setting Up Your Online Presence

You should not fall behind as more of your customers and business clients migrate their entire lives online. Your business will only survive long enough to grow if you move where the crowds are.

knowbility - seo and digital marketing

Increasing your internet activities as a small business is one of the finest methods to get your presence recognized. No one knows how to complete such a task better than Sydney SEO services companies. By being active on many internet channels together, you may broaden your customer base.

From your corporate website to social media, you’ll be one step closer to establishing your organization as an online authority.

User Traffic Is Being Directed Your Way

Unfortunately, most small business owners do not give their websites the care they deserve. And only one thing can result from this: poor business performance.

Your marketing efforts will be wasted if you don’t have a functional, responsive website.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Have you ever wondered why your competitor’s website consistently ranks first in search results? It’s straightforward. SEO!

Your website is the only reason you’re not receiving as many views and clicks as you’d want. To boost your company’s performance and attract more customers, you’ll need a better brand of fuel. You can enhance traffic to your website with Sydney SEO services, resulting in more views, clicks, and conversions.

Increasing Conversions And Generating Leads

As a business owner, one of the most important things you need to do is get your consumers from point A to point B on their journey. Keep in mind that your consumers may become trapped in the middle of this crucial journey, such as considering whether or not to make a purchase, comparing your rates to those of another company, and so on.

Knowbility - SEO services in Sydney

To attract and retain potential and present customers, you’ll need more than just conventional marketing methods. Your objective should be to find tactics that will assist them in making an informed selection.

This is where Sydney SEO services come in. An SEO expert will assess your marketing funnel’s flaws and recommend fixes. You’ll be able to get to know your consumers better and maintain track of their whereabouts.

To summarize, in today’s market, your small company has a better chance of success. All you have to do now is ensure that your SEO service provider is qualified, competent, and appropriate for your company. You can put your firm on the map with a great SEO plan. Begin your search for Sydney SEO services right now.

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SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs:

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Top SEO Service Provider Company in Australia

Knowbility Solutions is Australia’s best SEO services company, and we also provide SEO services all around the world. SEO is a fantastic platform for improving your website’s keyword ranking across all major search engines, and it’s essential. SEO is a rapidly growing and diversified field. When it comes to their work, different SEO companies in Australia have distinct values and methodologies. We like to keep things simple and to the point at SEO Service in Australia, with the point being that the client’s campaign always comes first. To set ourselves apart from the sea of SEO firms, we strive to go that extra mile for our clients. We make the procedure simple and painless so you can relax knowing that we’ve taken care of all of your SEO demands.

Knowbility - SEO and Digital marketing services provider.

To us, the most essential things are that your website ranks at the top of search engine results and that you are completely satisfied with our service. We recognize that there are many alternative organizations to pick from if you need a boost for your website, and we understand that Search Engine Optimization is one of them. That is why it is so important to each of us at SEO Service in India that your company receives the attention it deserves. You expect the best for the job, and we intend to provide.

Australia’s Professional SEO Company

When a user searches for a brand, an SEO company in Australia provides high-quality SEO services that help firms appear top in search engine results. We make certain that the words utilized are precise and relevant to your brands to reach the intended audience. To examine every page of your website, you’ll use a combination of advanced crawling technologies and manual audits. As a leading SEO company in Australia, we strive to bridge the gap between your brand and online customers by optimizing your website to boost your brand’s visibility. Our SEO Experience

Knowbility - SEO and Digital marketing services provider.

We’ve been running Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and Affiliate Marketing campaigns for our clients for over ten years.

Why Should You Use Our SEO Services?

Knowbility Solutions always provide high-quality SEO services as SEO specialists. We have a dedicated SEO team, each of them is an expert in their respective sector. We were able to do this simply because we put more effort into research and development and keep ourselves up to date by implementing suitable SEO strategies and experimenting with new search techniques. After ten years of experience in organic and paid search, SEO Services is one of Australia’s fastest-growing SEO firms. Our Affordable SEO Packages in Australia

Knowbility - SEO and Digital marketing services provider.

Custom SEO solutions are tailored to fit your budget and, more importantly, to meet search engine expectations. Our SEO services have been carefully created so that the total Search Engine Optimization approach appears natural and remains reasonable. You won’t be outsourcing your SEO project with SEO Services Company India instead, you’ll be getting a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), partner, to work with you and assist you to select the best internet marketing strategy.

You can be confident in the ethical procedures we use for your website and the results we offer with our SEO services in Australia. Take a look at some of our basic SEO packages; most of them should meet your needs; if not, we can certainly create a unique SEO package for you.

SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs

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Top 6 SEO Companies in Sydney

Nowadays, it is critical to invest in optimizing your website for search engine algorithms. It is simply necessary because Google’s algorithms are always altering to provide its customers with an unrivaled user experience. While every algorithm update benefits users, marketers have a difficult time adapting to the change.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

For enterprises, keeping a frequent and ongoing check on the updates is impossible. As a result, they hire SEO firms to handle all of their website optimization demands. Website optimization is regarded as a critical aspect in achieving a higher SERP ranking.

This post will assist you when you live in Sydney, Australia, and are searching for the perfect SEO business. I’ve compiled a list of the best SEO businesses in Sydney based on services, experience, cost, and a track record of proven outcomes after completing extensive research and understanding the marketplaces. 

Let’s get started.

The following is a list of the top SEO firms in Sydney, Australia.

1. knowbility Solutions
2. Online Marketing Gurus 
3. Sentius Digital
4. Aaron Knight 
5. Frank Digital 
6. Intesols

1. Knowbility Solutions

Knowbility Solutions is a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in organic search, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and reputation management campaigns. They also provide web design and development services. They can run your complete digital marketing campaign for you and make it more efficient.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

This organization is great for firms that are just starting out online or need to re-establish their online presence. According to KnowbilitySolutions, customers must be able to read and understand your website, and it must also be visually appealing.
Furthermore, the company ranks well for a number of digital marketing-related keywords and phrases. Searches for “digital marketing professionals” and “SEO businesses” demonstrate that the firm is well-regarded, adding to the evidence that they know what they’re doing. After all, every SEO agency on the planet is vying for the same keywords, so only the best at what they do can get high rankings! As a result, Knowbility Solutions is ranked first on our list of the top SEO firms in Sydney, Australia.

2. Online Marketing Gurus 

Online Marketing Gurus is known for helping businesses rank higher on the SERPs, regardless of their size or field of operation. Online Marketing Gurus (OMG) was founded in 2012 to deliver truly game-changing results rather than merely a digital makeover.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, International SEO, Website Migration, Content Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Remarketing, Bing Ads, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Social Media Marketing are just a few of the services offered by OMG.

Our Seniors Guide, ZItsticka, Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics, Artline, Ryderwear, and Edible Beauty have all been clients of OMG over the years.

3. Sentius Digital

Sentius Digital is a full-service digital marketing firm that prioritizes strategy. They unlock the potential of online presence and marketing to help brands and enterprises grow.

Sentius Digital will understand your requirements, design a tailored plan, and execute it well to get the required results, whether you are a small team of innovative entrepreneurs or a well-established company.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Digital Strategy Formation, Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Designing, Paid Search Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising, Email Marketing & Automation, and Conversion Rate Optimization are just a few of Sentius Digital’s services.

 Sentius’ clientele is a mix of private and publicly traded corporations. Quest, Kennedy, Australian Laser & Skin, Healthy Male, Rokk Ebony, Jaggad, Leef Independent Solutions, National Asthma Council, IntoWork, Your Fertility, Skillinvest, and Southeast Water are just a few of the companies involved.

4. Aaron Knight 

Aaron Knight is an independent IT consultant based in Sydney, Australia. When it comes to offering exceptional services and sustaining client connections, Aaron will leave no stone left.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Search Engine Optimization, Web Designing, Web Development, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Local SEO, Global SEO, Adwords Management, Analytics Reporting, Copywriting, and other services are supplied by Aaron Knight.

Aaron Knight has had the opportunity to work with some significant names in several industries, including Food & Beverage, Aviation, Agricultural, Travel & Recreational Educational, Sports, Infrastructure, and Healthcare, as a result of his performance. Fresh & Simple, Champion Homes, Dr Tavakoli, Pure Bean Cafe, Adam Smith International, NSW Public School, Sartorial Bay Sydney, and many other companies are among his clients.

5. Frank Digital 

Frank Digital is an internet marketing firm that focuses on the creation and design of healthy digital products. They work with businesses that need an internet presence and marketing solutions to achieve their objectives.

Frank Digital’s eager, dedicated, and experienced team will first listen to your needs before developing custom solutions for your company.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Research Testing, Experience Design, UI Design, UX Design, Digital Development, Data Analytics & Optimization, and Web Designing & Development are some of Frank Digital’s services.

Gregory Jewellers, The City of Sydney, Canteen, Forme, Campos Coffee, Merivale, Regional Australian Bank, and AMP Capital are among the clients Frank Digital has served throughout the years.

6. Intesols 

Intesols specializes in offering top-notch digital marketing services for your company. They feel that assisting businesses in establishing and growing their internet presence is critical. What’s more vital, however, is to instil imagination and innovation into the process of strategizing the stages to success.

Intesols recognizes that every organization is unique and that to achieve new heights, specialized IT solutions are required. As a result, the highly skilled and experienced team will always be there to help you down the path to success.

Knowbility - Top SEO and Digital Marketing Services in Australia

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Apps Development & Designing, Ecommerce Development, Adwords Management, and Content Creation & Marketing are just a few of the services offered by Intesols.

Since its establishment, Intesols has worked with a diverse range of clients. Prokit, Emerald Portfolio, Alogic, Your Wills, Zimsen Partners, Traders Circle, Julia Bridal, Southern Stone, Tool Fix, Reliance Property, Australian Harvest, NCC Apparel, Interface Rail, and Baby Made are just a few of them.

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SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs

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How is digital marketing important for business?

Businesses need SEO and Digital marketing services because it allows them to engage with their customers in more meaningful ways. Businesses can use digital marketing to produce personalized communications that speak to their clients’ requirements.

Digital Marketing’s Various Types:

Pay-per-click (PPC) or Pay-per-Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) or Pay-per-Click is a marketing strategy that involves attracting paid visitors to your website. Each time their advertisement is clicked, the advertiser will pay the publisher.

Knowbility solutions - Seo and Digital marketing services

Social media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are examples. Businesses use these websites to share important information and promote their brands. It’s also where business owners may directly communicate with their customers.

Knowbility solutions - Seo and Digital marketing services


SEO  This is an advertising strategy that encourages companies to focus on boosting their website’s ranking in order to increase traffic. The higher your website ranks on Google’s SERP, the more likely your brand will grow.

Knowbility solutions - Seo and Digital marketing services

Video Marketing

Video Marketing The most popular type of digital content on the internet is video. It’s a fantastic approach to market your company and bring in more customers. Video marketing can be used for a variety of purposes, including promoting a brand or product, capturing behind-the-scenes operations, sharing tales and testimonials, and more.

Knowbility solutions - Seo and Digital marketing services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing It’s one of the oldest types of digital marketing, and it also has one of the finest ROIs. It comprises sending tailored emails to a certain group of people, such as past customers.

Knowbility solutions - Seo and Digital marketing services

Businesses can also use this type of marketing to track the success of their campaigns and make required adjustments to improve results.

3 Components of Lead Generation In Digital Marketing Strategy

How Social Media Marketing In Australia Help Businesses?

SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs

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Why Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency In Sydney Is Important?

It’s important to work with a Sydney digital marketing agency you can trust. Local digital marketing agency in Sydney, Melbourne, and other Australian locations have the advantage of understanding the local market and concentrating on your company’s objectives. Smaller firms, in our experience, find it more cost-effective to employ a marketing agency to manage their advertising expenditure and focus on content creation.

knowbility - seo and digital marketing

Here are some of our recommendations for selecting a digital marketing firm:

Is digital marketing in Australia in high demand?

Digital marketing has exploded in popularity and is now more in demand than ever. COVID and working from home have altered the way we interact with customers and vendors.

According to studies, we now spend more than 6 hours a day (up from 5 hours) on the internet.

You must be present where your users spend the majority of their time online, which includes websites, social media, and YouTube.

knowbility - Seo and digital marketing services in Australia

Even though we’ve grown accustomed to talking over the internet, finding people who understand your industry is critical. Choosing the best digital marketing agency in Sydney or anywhere else requires research and balancing the benefits and drawbacks.

Always inquire about a company’s work philosophy and ideals. Look for businesses that place a higher priority on long-term partnerships than short-term profits.

Why should you hire a Sydney-based digital marketing firm instead of one from another country?

When it comes to selecting a marketing firm, there are numerous variables to consider. The most crucial thing is to choose a firm that knows your company’s objectives. Companies that provide services are frequently willing to provide a free proposal, but you must conduct due research. That is why we recommend that you always speak with a digital marketing company in Sydney or elsewhere about your company, industry, and ambitions.

Knowbility solutions

It’s also critical to communicate. Content creation for Australians is typically a challenge for overseas companies in non-English speaking countries. Australian lingo is a difficulty for even English-speaking businesses. Foreigners don’t comprehend words like ‘arvo’ or expressions like’she’ll be right,’ which we take for granted.

What is the best way to find the appropriate partner?

Make a connection with someone who is interested in you, your company, and your industry.

Distance: Start by contacting local businesses; for example, if you live in New South Wales, Australia, look for a digital marketing agency in Sydney. Look for a company with a local address and phone number. Make sure they can be reached easily. Companies that do not have their own domains should be avoided.

Due diligence:

Before making a commitment, always examine the pricing, the firm’s reputation, and learn more about the organization.

Find out what level of access you’ll have (such as Google Analytics or access to your domain key).

Avoid agencies who refuse to collaborate with others and lack transparency. 

Why should you adopted local? 

Outsourcing to a remote freelancer, such as one based in another country, is perfectly acceptable. It is sometimes attractive because their cost of living is lower, allowing them to offer lower-priced options. Outsourcing overseas, on the other hand, is tough if they are unfamiliar with the local business environment and language.

knowbility - seo and digital marketing

Dealing with currency fluctuations, overseas payments, little consumer protection, and tax ramifications is another concerning issue.

Because Australian enterprises are subject to Australian consumer legislation and tax compliance, choosing a digital marketing company in Sydney mitigates these risks.

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SEO and Digital Marketing FAQs
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