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What is Oracle converged Database?

Oracle converged database is a database which contains inbuilt support for all datatypes and most recent and updated models built up in a single product and performs multi model, multitenant and multi workload (like OLTP, analytics, etc.). A converged database is a database that has native support for all modern data types and the latest development paradigms built into one product makes oracle database more efficient, productive and cost effective as compared to multiple single engines.
The best way to understand about converged database is an example of a smart phone.  These days smart phones have come with huge data storage, integration of different applications on a single screen, like many features provided in a single phone like Camera, Music player, phone calls, Calendar, messaging with different applications, email, video conferencing and much more. Now if we talk about camera it is used in different applications and one can capture the image from the application itself and can store the image or video as per the requirement and at the same time it can be send over the internet via messaging applications like WhatsApp, can be mailed to anyone. All these features earlier were used on a single device. So, by integrating all these features on Smart phone has reduced the cost, time and enhanced the efficiency in using them on a single platform and it works like a converged database.
Below are the features which makes Oracle Database a converged.
·      Support for Machine Learning
·      Blockchain
·      Graph
·      Spatial
·      JSON
·      Events/Editions
·      IoT Streaming
·      Run on cloud
·      Run on local cloud
·      Run in house/premises

In a nutshell, let me conclude oracle converged database is a multi-model with one engine performing many jobs at once and we can also say it performing multi-workload feature with no additional cost, satisfies the goal of developer by providing right tools for each job to enhance their productivity and helps them to manage their overall work in a simpler and easier way and It allows users to support many diverse projects using a single platform, significantly reducing complexity and management overhead with minimum risk.